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On Saturday night I went to a party with my husband. That same day he bought a new dress, especially for the party. It shows a lot of meat, in fact, a high neck and long sleeves and not just get a few inches above the knees. However, it is very, very thin fabric is made, it is with my body and skin tight. was more than happy to go with it without a bra (which is rarely wear a bra anyway), but because it is so hard and sticky and reveal all the curves of my body, I had thought it best if I was wearing a thong. The problem for me was that, although the belt was small, was very evident. I took off my belt and I asked my husband what he thought of me with the full suit of commands. He said that looks absolutely amazing and crazy I was interested in his favor. He convinced me it was the party, I went without underwear in the most revealing dress I ever had. The dress certainly the attention of most people in the party, but eventually all we have become accustomed, and in the evening went very well. Clock at 11, my husband was very drunk and ended up sleeping in a lounge chair in the corner of tubepornstars the room. I was still bright and friendly and had no plans to go home. I in company with some very nice guys who were friends of my husband. A boy was to build half and very talkative. The other child was much quieter, but he had beautiful black skin was about 6 '4 ' and very large and obviously very muscular. While speaking with beautiful black boys not much, when I spoke, he walked to and gently placed his hand on my hip. over time, his hand on my hip was maintained for more and moved his finger around my hip bone. I was very aware that her hand stroking my thigh exactly where my underwear would have been if I had not put. I think it was the overwhelming thoughts and feelings of my huge dress my naked body, ending orp always as hot as I had in my life. To make a long story short, I ended up leaving my husband was asleep and turned the corner with a beautiful black boy in his apartment. To ensure that no doubts about what I wanted, was in the tubepornstars middle of the room of your home, little by little I began easily the thin fabric of my dress to my thigh. Finally, it was almost to the waist and I loved the look on his face tubepornstars when I gave my back to him clean-shaven. He approached me and put tubepornstars her hands on her hips and pressed his big hands as he kissed me deeply. He pulled the dress over her head and was now only strips my heels. He continued to kiss while his hands roamed my body. His big fingers, gently parting her soft lips met my pussy wet his fingers a few inches from me. With the fingers in this position, my knees went soft as she rubbed my tender and skillfully in a wonderful orgasm, friendly. ºit took me to his room and took me to his bed. I lay in bed when I was at the bottom of the bed and undressed. His cock was big and very well kept as hard and shiny as ebony. His body was hairless, with well defined muscles. Once naked, crawled onto the bed and kissed my feet. He made his way to the end for my tubepornstars legs and I opened it, when he reached the top of the thigh. His tongue felt wonderful when it separated from the lips of my ass. He was between my legs for a few minutes before continuing his pleasant journey to my body. Finally, he kissed me and I had the pleasure of my own juices in the mouth while pressing his penis against the entrance of my Fanny felt. A second later he had come to me and I felt myself falling into. Soon it was fully in me and started slowly stroking the length of his ebony cock smoothly in and out of me. Just because of him in me, let me reach an orgasm. The following organizationsm straight tubepornstars followed the previous tubepornstars one, but has never really disappeared. He continued to fuck me constantly with the right amount of speed and power. Everything was feeling was so good to me this tubepornstars beautiful black girl with the body harder than he had ever played in my legs with his cock harder than I had ever experienced deep within tubepornstars me. Instinctively, I lifted my legs over and a sense of how deep in me was incredible. I could feel his balls against my ass as he was grinding against him and matching his blows with my own exact motion of the hip. Finally, it has the power to shock that I had and knew he was nearing its peak. I lifted my upper legs and stretched my legs open and all I could get to ensure they have the depth of maximum penetration and maximum benefit of the final moments of the best, most cock had on me. He pushed his body hard for me and pressed his big ballsagainst my ass and I felt that swell in me that really made a gesture with tubepornstars his load deep in my hole. He leaned over me with his cock in me as we stopped our breath. As soon as I retired, I felt her run away from me and between the cheeks of my ass. Began only after I think about how I wanted to go home with just my thin dress pants and do not worry. Probably end my dress tubepornstars covered in cum, but the more I thought about it the more I thought it was tubepornstars worth it for the fuck of her life.
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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 01:02

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